Sub 5G Batches

Anyone here do sub 5G batches? Any advice on gear choices?

I want to do more “moar” brewing but the output is more than I can handle without giving it away. I’m looking at combining two 1G recipe kits.

I do 2.05gal test batches that get scaled up to 10.25gal. Although my usual process is fly sparging, these test batches are simple BIAB with a pseudo sparge. My stove can easily boil this amount and it fits nicely in a 3gal carboy. Also helps propagate yeast for 5-10gal batches.

I started home brewing with the Mr. Beer kit over 10 years ago. I made some really lousy, undrinkable brews but a few really tasty ones too. I still occasionally use the little barrel fermenter for small batches (I have a Saison in there now). It’s just about the perfect size for two gallon batches. You can buy the fermenter by itself without having to buy a kit or any of their recipes from their website. Last time I saw, it was ~$15 + shipping which is kind of pricey for what it is. You may be able to find one locally at Kitchen & Co or I think some Wally Worlds or Target carry the beginner’s kit for around $30 which comes with a recipe.

Otherwise, you may be able to find a three gallon food-grade bucket at a home improvement store or possibly a cake shop or grocery store may have an empty one they could give you. With the bucket, though, you’d need to drill a hole for a grommet and airlock.

I’ve recently become a fan of the 3-gallon batch. I mash pseudo-BIAB in a drink cooler, and can boil on the kitchen stove. Output has been about 1 case per batch. It’s not too hard to scale recipes; and our host even has a (small) selection of 3-gallon AG kits available.

I primary in a 5-gallon plastic bigmouth, and have some 3 gallon carboys for for the rare times when I transfer to secondary.

Brew 5 gallon batches and split it with friends. I bet you could get one of your friends into the hobby with you as a brew partner and go 50/50 on the costs and beer. I brew 5G right now and split it three ways with my dad and bro-in-law. It works out great. We usually have 2-4 batches going at any time and I’m frequently getting a new 12 pack.