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Stupid kegging tricks

I tried to dry hop with a two 1/2" 316 stainless balls, a nylon hop bag, and a half hitch over the keg gasket. I had just replaced the gasket on said keg when I decided to try this.

That’s $3.00 I’ll never get back.

Not sure what you mean by this.

I suggest dumping the workarounds and get a purpose-built product that will last a very long time:

Personally I have a keg dedicated to dry hopping. I rack from the fermentation vessel (Better
Bottle) into said keg, which has hops waiting for a beer bath. After a week I push the beer into a clean keg, leaving the hops behind thanks to a stainless braid over the intake end of the liquid dip tube. Works great.

I use whole hops for dry hopping, but will probably buy the above referenced device soon since I have a pound of Galaxy pellets heading my way. ... 20infusion

This item has worked well for a friend.

I just $.99 panty hose.

I just ordered one of these and will report back after I’ve had a chance to use it in probably a month or so. I’ve ordered several products from Stainless Brewing. Great products. He even custom made a stainless hop spider basket for me to use in the boil.

After chugging through Stan’s book on Hops, I’ve become obsessed with ways to (cheaply) submerge the hop flowers. I thought some heavy balls and a quick hitch around the large gasket would do the trick – they did but left damage. The Stainless sleeves are awesome, in the sense that I could drop a weighted nylon bag down and just pull it out later. I tinkered today with some ultra powerful magnets, but I’m worried about losing one and the fishing expedition it would cause.

I now truly understand the allure of the Torpedo-style dry hopping circulation tank.

I’ve been thinking of attaching a ring or maybe some sort of hook or carabiner to the lids of my kegs with food grade adhesive.

I’ve been using a nylon hop sack with a string closure, looping it through a hose clamp and clamping it to the pressure relief valve on the inside of the keg lid. Seems to work well. Those hop strainers listed above look pretty neat though.

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