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Stunted hop growth

I’m new to growing hops this year, and started with four plants. They get full southern sun for about 11 hours a day. 3 of my plants are doing well but one, that was previously doing the best, has stopped growing and some of the leafs are turning a light brown in the center. Any suggestions on what is happening, or what I am doing wrong? I live in CO where it is dry, and have been giving the plants a good deep watering every 2-3 days. Thanks!

I’m no hop growing expert but leaves turning brown is sometimes a sign of too much water for plants. I had some hops growing at our last house and found they were like weeds. Ignore them and they do great.

Far from an expert here also but the hops I grow didn’t take off until year three. Got a crop in year two but nothing like year three. Year one? Meh as long as they stay alive I’m happy. Give them time.

If the soil is bone dry, water. If the soil is a little moist, optional. If the soil is spongy, no water for several days.

Hops always act really weird the first year. Second year they get close to full swing.

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