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I brewed an Oatmeal Stout last week and somehow it went into the primary at 1.065 or 16 brix. This was the first time using a refractometer. The receipe was supposed to be a lot lower OG.

Now the refractomer is reading 11 brix and as a backup, I also checked with my hydrometer and it reads the same (1.030). There is no activity in the airlock and has not been in several days.

One calculation I did online said that the abv was 4.7. My question is do I need to get it lower than 1.030?

I’m sure the yeast was the problem as it was harvested several months ago and my starter was done a couple of weeks before I brewed. Thanks in advance

If your OG was 16 and your FG is 11, you’re at 1.023. AG or extract? What yeast?

Ag and Sterling 514 dry

Should I add another packet of yeast? What’s the highest FG you have ever bottled/kegged?

Shade, where are you getting 1.023 from?

Im showing 1.029.9…so 4.7 ABV

Whats the recipe look like? Have you checked the gravity 2-3 days in a row? It’s probably just not done yet, but more details would help.

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