Stuck my nose in my fermenter

My belgian IPA is 8 days along now and the krausen is settling down. I stuck my nose inside the fermenter bucket to get a quick whiff and got a noseful of an almost mildewy smell in front of the yeasty goodness that it’s in front of. I noticed the lowered krausen wasn’t so much foamy as almost a solid with foamy patches coming through. Pretty sure I’m dealing with an infection, but wanted to double check with you guys first.

Edit: working on a picture

impossible to know for sure with that description…

do you have a picture?

Very unfinished brew.

The CO2 didn’t burn your nose??!

:lol: definitely did. Guess I’m just used to it now. I’m just going to have a homebrew… maybe relax. Probably worry.

I stuck my dick in the mashed potatos at a party one time :rollseyes:

Trying to make love gravy?

Really? I don’t think I’ll be having dinner with you in this lifetime. I can see it now, creamed potatoes with cloudy homebrew and split pee soup… yikes.

Waiting reference!