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Stuck Imperial Stout

Brewed a Russian Imperial Stout, OG 1.086 (BeerSmith estimated 1.096 need to figure out why that was off), and used White Labs WLP007 Dry English Ale. I prepared a starter, so I am assuming that I had enough yeast cells. Fermentation got stuck at 1.030 (expected FD 1.022). First question, in this type of beer is .008 off of expected FG really mean a stuck fermentation?

If so, should I repitch with the same yeast or should I maybe go with a different yeast or even a champagne yeast to deal with the higher alcohol content? If I go with the same yeast, do I do a starter again?



How big was your starter?

How long has it been in the fermemter? Have you transferred it to a aging vessel yet?

What was the recipe?

Usually people do not achieve the same efficiency on big beers as they do with low/mid gravity beers.

It was a typical 1/2 cup of malt extract in 750 ml of water. It was in primary for 2 weeks and in secondary for 2 weeks as well. I haven’t transferred to the aging vessel yet. The plan is to age until about Feb.


1.030 isn’t bad for a beer that size. I think it will help it age very nicely into a complex beer. Make sure you squirrel some away for 2-5 years.

That size starter is barely big enough to wake the yeast up. Probably not the reason for the high FG.

What is the recipe? A larger percentage of specialty grain and a high mash temp can contribute to the high FG.

Add the three of them together…

The “secondary” is an aging vessel. Secondary fermentation would include additional fermentables. :wink:

Recipe: (Extract)

12 lbs Amber lme
1 lb light DME
1 lb roasted barley
.5 lb Black Patent malt
.5 lb chocolate malt
3 oz. chinook for 60 min
2 oz. northdown for 15
Dry English Ale yeast (WPL007)

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