stuck fermentation

Brewed an all grain wheat beer and used a Mr. Beer fermenter. Checked it after a couple days and saw that it shifted and some spilled out. Stood it back upright and checked the gravity after 5 days. I was at 1.024. I re pitched some dry yeast and left sit for 10 days. Just rechecked and I am still at 1.024. Beer tastes sweet. Went and added the priming sugar before I checked the gravity because I assumed I would be good. Is there something I can do to save this? Thanks.


Sureā€¦ buy a pound of malt extract, take a couple ounces of extract plus about 2 cups water, boil, cool, and add Belle Saison yeast. Let that sit for 24 hours. Then add to your beer. Wait a couple more weeks. Boom, your final gravity will be much lower.

Thanks. How do I store it for 24hrs? Closed container or vent somehow?


Sanitized container just with aluminum foil covering the top to prevent dust and flies from getting in while letting gases out.