Stuck fermentation (extract baltic porter)

I brewed the extract Baltic Porter kit from NB 10/8 and pitched Saflager S-23 dry yeast, my first lager. OG was 1.075 and fermentation temperature was ~58 degrees. I brewed this kit at my parents house and went back to school one hour away so I was limited to videos and pictures of the fermentation from my sister. There was a small neat krausen last week and is now gone. I checked the gravity (today) 10/20 and was 1.026.

Does anybody have experience with this kit or yeast? I’ll check the gravity in another 2 weeks and hopefully it will look alot better.

Thanks for any help,

Give it more time, even an extract brew should go down more then that.

58 degrees is on the cold side for yeast. Lagers can take their time. Measure at least 3 days between each significant gravity reading to check for FG. If it is still going, it’s going to be slow. Some LME is only 55% ferment-able. I hope that’s not the case here.

I brewed this on Oct. 1st. with Wyeast 2124. I added 1 lb, dark brown sugar at the end of the boil.
aerated to snot out of it and and fermented it at 52F for 5-6 days, brought it up to 60 for the rest of fermentation. Diacetyl rest at 70ish for 3 days and threw it on the floor of the cellar for 3 weeks 50ish F and bottled. I’m still waiting for it to fully carbonate but I’m SO excited for it. It’s in IMO the perfect winter beer.

FWIW, OG was 1.074 FG was 1.020

Yeah its a Lager its going to take longer then 2 weeks to ferment im sure. Like you said I would wait another couple of weeks then check it again. Let us know how it goes.