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Stuck extreme belgian ginger ale

I have a Belgian extreme ale. IG was 1.070 and stuck at 1.030. It has been 8 weeks. There is a little activity. However, the house in now in the mid 60 temps verses 80 when initially brewed.
I used Wyeast 3724. Is it best to let it take 3 to 4 months in the secondary or add a neutral yeast to push it along?

3724 is notorious for slowing down at 1.030. You need to warm it into the 80s, rouse the yeast at least once a day, and it should kick back up again. Do not transfer to a secondary until it has fully fermented.

BTW, what makes this an “extreme Belgian ginger ale”?

I used the Extreme Brewing recipe from Dogfish Head Brewing’s Book. It has crystallized ginger root added at the end of the boil.
Belgian Ginger Saison.

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