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Strings on sacks of grain

I’m on a roll with questions today :smiley: How do you know which string on a sack of malt barley is the one to yank to get the darn thing open without butchering it? Sometimes it goes easy, the next you might just as well cut the bag. Rahr is nice enough to label the strip to pull so it works every time.

most of 'em piss me off so i just cut the bag with a razor blade.

+1 on the razor blade. Never got the hang of the pull strings.

I use the same method as I do shaving my head: a mean glare. both my hair & the string will just fall off with terror & pure fright. I use the same look to shine my boots & split fire wood.

I recently bought my first two sacks of grain (both Rahr) and I ended up opening the bottom because the pull string end seemed better stitched than the other end. Pieces of grain were falling out the “bottom” stitches. Guess I’m a true Polock?

Watch this and you will be a pro.

That’s a good one Chuck.

I buy a bunch of bags at once and then pour them into containers. That way it is easier to figure the right string out and remember it from bag to bag. Sometimes I’ll use a pair of scissors to get started.

[quote=“chuck”]Watch this and you will be a pro.[/quote]

Cool, Thanks Chuck. Is that gadget just a letter opener? I will have to replay the last part before opening my next sack of grain.

It’s just a cheap letter opener.

Ok, so I am not the only one with this problem. My grandfather was a farmer and I can remember him opening bags of cattle feed when I was little. He just pulled on a string and the whole top fell open. For the life of me I cannot remember how he did that.

[quote=“chuck”]Watch this and you will be a pro.[/quote]

Thanks, Chuck. Very informative with a nice touch of humor.

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