"Striations" in wort?

For lack of a better term…I’d say that there are striations in my Kolsch wort. A very visible line of a lighter, and darker portion. I laid the thing sideways, shook around, rolled around, did about everything I could think of to mix it up. I’d say it was well aerated though.

Did a partial boil, used a wort chiller, wort into carboy first, then topped off with cold water. Wyeast Kolsch. FG 1.049. Pitched at right around 75-80 degrees.

Just really curious as to why it seems the wort is separated.

Probably an optical illusion. Or maybe you’re seeing the trub start to settle out? I wouldn’t worry about it. even if your wort is badly stratified somehow, it might throw off your initial gravity reading but it won’t impact the end product. The yeast will go find the sugars. I’d be much more worried about that pitching temp. Ales should ferment in the sixties, kolsch in particular in the upper fifties to low sixties… Hopefully you got that temp down quickly. Good luck.

It’s sitting at 64 right now in a swamp cooler. OG came out at 1.049 and that was the estimated OG from NB.

I’ll stop worrying and let it sit. I’ve read that the Kolsch yeast can take a while to get going, so I’m not even going to worry about that right now.

Sounds good then. In the future get that temp down BEFORE you pitch. Even if you have to wait overnight before pitching that’s okay. Sounds like you’ll be fine, RDWHAHB. :slight_smile: