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Strawberry wine recipe

I’m looking for a 3 to 5 gal recipe. Thanks

Here’s my first recipe, scaled to 3 gallons. Got decent reviews but I think I’d need better fruit for a great wine. I used frozen strawberries since they’re picked riper.

First thaw 9 lbs strawberries in the fridge.

2.25 gallons water
6 pounds sugar
3 cans welches white grape juice
1/8 tsp KMeta
1 Tbs pectic enzyme
Dump strawberries into a sack + mash them up. Add to the bucket.

Cover bucket and wait 4 to 12 hours for pectic enzyme to work

2 Tbs citric acid
3/4 tsp liquid tannin
1 Tbs yeast nutrient
1 package Red Star Cotes de Blancs, hydrated

This gave me 1.091sg

Day 5 (0.995 sg) rack to carboy

When finished (0.993sg for me):

1/8 tsp KMeta
1.5 tsp sorbate
1 Tbs bentonite

When settled, rack and add 1.5 to 2 cups sugar to taste. Mine was at 1.008 sg. Top with riesling if needed.

Clear and ready to bottle at 2 months, and ready to drink at 6 months.

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