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Strawberry shortcake beer ideas

So if you’ve had Abitas strawberry harvest then your on the right track. I want something a bit more bread/cake/wheat. I looked at what they use and it’s technically a Pilsner with wheat. I bit of mt hood hops and strawberries. So I made up a recipe, hoping to increase the “shortcake” flavors. This would just be a 1 gallon test batch. But what I am wondering the most is with the specialty grains. Change them? Amounts? And should I use a clean yeast like Safale 05 or something that will help with the fruit/bread like German wheat frm white labs.

SRM 6.2
Abv. 4.6
Ibu. 15.66

1.2 lb briefs Golden light DME. 80%
1.2 oz wheat, flaked 5%
1.2 oz belgian Munich malt. 5%
1.2 oz biscuit malt. 5%
1.2 oz caramel 10L. 5%

O.20 oz US tettnang. 60 min

Saale 05 or the German wheat /German pilsner is also a thought.

I just want it to be crisp. Sweet. Shortbread like and easy to pound in the pool. Something I can drink a ton of when it’s hot and not get smashed.

Thanks for any input. Oh also for the strawberry I’m just gonna try the LD Carlson extract. I’ve used the watermelon and have been very happy with it.

Short’s Brewing here in Michigan makes one. Might try communicating with them.

After talking to a friend who is a brewer and looking at shorts website I changed it up a bit and went with this for a 1 gal test batch

1.2 lb briess light DME 60 min
0.5 oz flaked wheat
0.5 oz biscuit malt
1.0 oz caramel 10L
1.0 oz cara-pils
2.5 oz victory malt

0.5 oz lactose 15 min

All the grains steeped for 25 min at 160ish

0.15 oz tetnang hops at 60 min

Safale 05 (1/2 packet)

I’ll update in a month if anyone is interested.

It came out good but not quite what I was shooting for. Gonna up the victory 1 oz. change the hops to hallertau mitterfrue (sp). Up the IBUs from 15 to 25. Double the lactose and maybe up the cara pils 1 oz. And take out the flaked wheat.

Definitely tastes like shortbread but needs to be sweeter and more creamy. The amount of strawberry was right on though. I thought it may be overpowering it it came out pretty subtle.

Also plan on doing a tech with half Pilsen malt and half wheat instead of the briess light

how did you add the strawberry? Just to a secondary? Or did you end up going with the extract? I’ve heard its hard to get strawberry flavor right in beer.

If you want to have strawberry flavor. Use a lot of late addition belma.

The strawberry comes through for sure.

I used 2.4 teaspoons of JD carlsons extract. Should equal about 2 oz in a five gallon batch. I was afraid it would be overpowering but was pretty close to just right. I ordered some olive nation extract to try in the second test batch. Probably use the same amount to see how the extracts differ. I’ve been completely happy using extracts for fruit flavor in every fruit beer I’ve done. Actually much better than using real fruit which has given some things off flavors.

Oh also. Just added the extract to the bottling bucket before transfering the beer into there.

Yeah shorts is primo. They make a key lime pie beer :slight_smile:

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