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Strangely lonf fermentation

I made an “experimental” brew a week ago. I had a package of Nottingham yeast that was left over from a kit I had earlier this year so I decided I had to brew something with it. I used

3.3 lb CBW sparkling amber LME.
1.0 lb CBW sparkling amber DME
3.0 lb Muntons plain extra dark DME
2.0 lb Muntons crushed crystal
2.5oz ground dark roast coffee
1 oz US Magnum for bittering
1 oz US Fuggle for aroma
1 oz US Fuggle for flavor

I pitched last Saturday at 63 degF. The temp peaked out at 70. The ferment was plenty agressive during the peak period. But now I am 8 days into it and I am still getting bubbling through the airlock. It’s slow but still, I have not had a ferment last this long. The last time I used the Nottingham the ferment lasted 5 days. That l;ast time the OG was 1064. This time the OG was 1065. So I guess I cant complain that the fement is going so long but I was just wondering if this long ferment is what is expected and desired, or if the shorter ferment is expected and desired. Perhaps a nice cup of coffee is what the Nottingham yeast like for their fermentation time.

You won’t really know until you take a gravity reading. The movement of the airlock could be co2 coming out of solution. Notty is usually a fast fermenting yeast.

I have had notty go from 1.069 to 1.020 in a vary short time but then bubble 1 a min for 5 more days
where in that 5 days it only took the grav down .002 more. this was about a total of 2 week fermentation and fg of 1.018. I think its always best to let it go longer then shorter. those yeast eat more then sugar at the end of there cycle. imo.

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