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Strange post on Ball Lock

I picked up some ball lock kegs from a person who was getting out of the hobby, on one (or more) of the kegs, there is a strange sized post. The post is 5/16ths and the ridge where the balls drop into is a bit bigger. I pushed on the gas connector and it stuck like a fish hook. It took me 15 minutes to pry the connector off.

Of the three that I was working with, this is the only connector that I found to have this problem. All the other ones were the standard 7/8 hex and star type.

Anyone run into one of these dandies before?

What are the markings on the keg?

Have you tried swapping the post from keg to keg to see if the threads are the same?

The posts are interchangeable, its is very strange. The post seems to be a 3rd part post that is just a bit bigger. It can get really stuck and I think my dremel will be grinding them a bit.

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