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Strange Brew Belgian triple

So this is my 1st all grain brewing, went for a Belgian triple. All went OK with brewing day
Gravity went from 1.59 to 1.14 in 2 weeks was expecting 2-3 months of secondary here.

At this point it tastes kind of like beer, but a bit strange undertone, same for smell a bit like sulfur or so. on top of all of this there was a very thick strange green ring on top (see pic) of my brewing bucket and the yeast did not settle very well (2ndary still cloudy).

is this my beer, or the all grain? sure is wired

Your image did not seem to post, or it’s just not displaying properly for me. However, everything sounds normal to me. Sulfur smell is sometimes a bi-product of fermentation. I’m guessing that will go away in less than a week, and in a few more you’ll have a great beer.

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