Straining wort

About to brew a Dead Ringer extract kit. What are the pros and cons to straining the wort while adding to fermenter?

Pros: clearer wort, adds oxygen
Cons: more stuff to clean and sanitize

I strain the hop debris for all beers during the pour from the boil kettle to the fermentor. I pour through a fine mesh grain bag that is resting in a large funnel over the carboy. The funnel has a strainer also.

Cleaner yeast to harvest. No need for yeast rinsing.

I just made the Dead Ringer all grain a month ago. I did not strain. I dumped the whole kettle into the fermenter. This past week I transferred to the keg and it was super clear. Just have to be very careful transferring since there is a lot of crud on the bottom of the fermenter. All the trub from the boil and all the dry hop material. When I keg, I transfer, chill for a day, then pressurize to the appropriate pressure for the temperature I am at, then lay the keg on the side and rock. One day later it’s ready for drinking. I have started drinking it and it is spectacular. Some people say strain. Some say don’t. I am on the side of don’t bother. I have strained in the past and I can’t say that I see any difference in the quality of the beer.

I agree with flars, you get a nice clean yeast cake that you can split and save.

flars, I had one of those strainers in the funnel disks a long time ago. Clogged and made a mess in about two seconds. Tossed it. Does yours actually work?

Generally what I do is put my hops in bag during the boil then just strain out the break material works nice.

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My wife would have her sanitized fingers inside the funnel to unclog the strainer the first few times we used it. This forced a lot of hop debris through the strainer. Then I had the idea of using the funnel with the strainer installed as a holder for a grain bag and pouring through the bag. This worked well. Stainer only clogged at the very end while the grain bag was draining out. Wife will still use her fingers to get the last few ounces of wort through.

One of these days I’m going to sew the bag into a cone shape to make it easier to hold inside the funnel.

Sounds like extra work. Another way I have done it is line my bucket with a paint strainer bag and pull if after draining the wort. That method works best if not a real hoppy beer. With a hoppy beer I use the bag in the boil method

This is one of those areas that bugs the heck out of me. I am trying to figure a way of making tube filled with hop cones to push/drain the cooled wort through on the way to the fermenter. The hops would filter and contribute some aroma, heck, with a pump, recirc until all the trub it effectively gone? Sneezles61

You’re pretty much describing a hop rocket… One of the guys I brew with has one, it’s awesome!

I agree brew_cat. For years now I have been using a 5 gallon paint strainer to put the hops in during the boil. It works like a champ!