Straining mash?

Thinking about adding a fine mesh straining bag for when I drain my mash tun to my boil kettle.
Is this a bad idea for any reason? Would I be losing any good stuff?

That’s probably fine but you should still recirculate IMO.

I use a bag in my mash tun even though I have a false bottom. I guess you could say it’s MIAB. Works great at keeping grain and sediment out of the wort.


I mash in a paint strainer bag in a kettle with a weldless spout. I open the valve and recirculate the first runnings back to the top. I’m consider emptying into the boil kettle with a fine mesh bag to catch even more of the stuff that gets out of the mash pot.

I’m just wonder if it’s possible to filter out TOO much solids before the boil.

No its not possible to filter/re-circ too much solids out. You don’t want solids/grains in the BK.