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Straining boil kettle hop debris

When pouring from the boil kettle to the carboy I have been using a strainer and mesh bag to remove the hop debris from the wort. I like to have the yeast harvested from the fermentor as clean as possible.

The first picture is the previous method. My wife would sit on the stool holding the funnel/strainer from tipping with one hand. With the other hand holding the mesh bag. I would pour with one hand and help control the bag with the other. We would lift the bag at the end of the pour when it was fully clogged to drain wort through the sides of the bag. My wife would usually end up with some wort on her feet.

I have a new method now. Can pour alone with no mess.

The bag will clog near the end of the pour. Contained inside the bucket it is easy to lift it slightly to allow the wort to drain through the sides of the bag. No mess at all. Only a couple of ounces of wort did not drain through the spigot.

How I ended up with a garden harvest bucket with a hole in it. I wanted to get the spigot as low as possible to drain all of the wort during the pour. I measured carefully and drilled the one inch hole. It was perfect. The threads of the spigot just skimmed the bottom of the bucket. I forgot about the extra quarter inch above the bottom of the bucket needed for the washer and nut to hold the spigot in place. I always need new buckets for the garden harvest and the bucket only cost a dollar at the grocery store deli.


Try to put a spigot in the bottom yet? I personally don’t think you’ll get much help from spent hops in yer wort. Sneezles61

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