Straight to kegging

[quote=“dannyboy58”]I just got 2 kegs off ebay. They arrived in great condition, smelling of soda but pressurized along with an extra new set of o-rings. They’re undergoing a PBW soak ATM. Pretty good deal.

Beersk I’m solving that same problem…drinking the last pint and saying, damn shouldn’t have tapped this so soon…by purchasing more kegs and brewing more often to get more in the pipeline. I currently have 4 kegs in my serving fridge and 3 lagering in the chest freezer. I’ve got 4 beers in fermenters right now so 2 will go into the new kegs for conditioning. I’ll brew again on Wednesday and try to keep 2-3 fermenters going all the time. That should keep me ahead of the curve! ... 43d51b56fb[/quote]

Damn, that’s the way to do it. I can’t justify having another fridge/freezer in my house. I’ve already got 4. But that is pretty much ideal. You can brew every weekend, always have something that is perfectly clear and carbonated to throw on tap when a keg kicks.

Yet another reason I sugar prime some of my kegs. You condition them them warm then stick them in the cellar, when your ready to drink them 24 hrs in the fridge throw on some pressure done. Or like I do when I need the keg put on the pressure fill your bottles clean the keg and refill.