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After a number adjustments to a stout recipe and really enjoying my last batch I got to wondering, what if I added some brown sugar to a batch?
Since it would need to age longer with it in anyhow and wanting the beer to have more ABV,now might be the best time to brew. That way the beer would be ready for fall. thoughts?

The first barleywine I ever brewed had brown sugar in it. I much preferred the batch I brewed later without the brown sugar.

Not much brown in brown sugar. I’d try something like treacle instead. Or a molasses if you find one thats not terribly bitter.

Honestly I think a stout is good at a modest ABV. If you are going for a Russian Imperial Stout thats a whole other animal.

I agree about the Russian Imperial Stout. Thats a whole different beast, and would make more sense with a brown sugar addition. I’d actually go with something mmore along the lines of a really high quality maple syrup though. Its a more natural burnt sugar flavor. But if you like brown sugar, make an RIS and add some once active fermentation has begun. I did that on a porter and thought it was really nice.

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