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Stout recipe help

Can anyone help? These questions are probably easily answered by experienced brewers but I couldn’t find them online.
I found a recipe I want to brew (don’t know the percentages yet, but emailed the brewery):

Maris Otter
Crisp pale malt
Torrified pale
Roasted malt
Black malt
Acidulated malt
Flaked barley

Willamette EKG
Willamette TOL

Questions are:

What is torrified pale and where do I get it or what to substitute?

Is Black malt the same as Black patent malt?

Is acidulated malt the same as acid malt?

What is Willamette TOL?

Thanks, T

I would skip the terrified pale. It really isn’t needed. And yes black malt is the same and patent and acidulated is the same as acid. Willamette is a type of hop. Very often used in stouts.

Edit: just re read the original post. Not sure what the TOL is. Or why it has EKG listed next to willamette unless it’s referring to a blend. You could always wait till the brewery responds.

If it’s a clone that you plan on brewing, what beer ? Perhaps someone here has a recipe?

Thanks , it is moylan’s dry irish stout. Just had it on tap at pub and it is great. More coffee than typical dry irish stout, Maybe due to black malt? Wife wants me to brew it.
Here’s the link: ... -Stout.pdf

Don’t know what TOL is either.

It is probably torrified wheat. It is a puffed wheat. It is used in some old ales and gives a bit of nutty character compared to regular, malted wheat. I doubt it would add much character when used with so much roast and hop, but you could try up to 10% if you want to stay true to the recipe.

I would skip the acid malt unless your mash water pH is 9 or something. My water starts at about 8, and the roasted barley will bring my mash down to 5.2.

I now want to try crisps pale ale malt. There maris otter is great.

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