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Stout Question

I am making an imperial stout. I brewed Dec 6th, used a starer that I started on the 3rd using WLP001, the yeast was abut 2 months past date. The brew was at 1.083 when I pitched the yeast, there was a 4-5 inch krausen film the next day after 7 days i added 3 ounces of oak chips that had been soaked in 1.5 ounces of Woodford reserve. Today the 20th I checked the gravity and it is only at 1.030 it should be at 1.010. My question is should I just let it sit longer or should I add another WLP001. It tastes great but still on the sweet side.

What was your mash temp and what is it’s present temp? If it’s very cool you may want to bring it up to about 70 F. To me things seem pretty normal and I’d give it more time. :sunglasses:


Just needs more time. Give it a couple more weeks. No additional yeast or actions are needed. Just be patient.


Kinda what I thought. Thank you. I pitched it at around 70 and it has stayed around 72*

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