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Stout not carbing

I kegged my chocolate milk stout and force carb at 30psi for 2 days and the stout isnt carbing at all. pour a glass no head at all. I checked for leaks cant find anything. any ideas?

make sure the keg is purged of O2. Once you have pressure on the stout, give it a little shake once a day.

Sometimes there’s surface tension or something on the top, and the co2 wont absorb until you aggravate it a little. usually this happens when you add something that has oils in it, like vanilla or coffee.

Let us know if that fixes things

I think i found the problem i didnt leave the gas on while force carbing… gonna try that now for afew days :smiley:

Haha, that’s probably the problem.

Good luck! let us know if you have any other issues :cheers:

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