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Stout ferm temps

I’ve noticed on a couple of the Stout extract instruction sheets that there isn’t a fermentation temp range specified. Just says something to the effect of “place in a warm, dry, dark place”. I’m brewing the Dry Irish Stout extract kit this weekend. Can I just set it at room temp in my basement? Average ambient temp is around 72 or so. Thanks!

You could, but the results will likely be less enjoyable than if you were to keep it at 60F ambient. A large container of water to hold the fermenter along with some ice blocks is a cheap and easy way to keep your temps down, especially if your ambient temp is already so low.

Agree, you want to ferment this cool, even though this is a dark beer. Beer temps during fermentation should be in the low to mid 60’s. After the initial week or two, you could let climb to ambient temps until you cold crash and bottle or keg

Thanks guys. That’s what I figured but the wording in the instructions threw me off. Usually it gives you a temp range to ferment at, but this was pretty general. I have a swamp cooler so I’ll go that route. Man I love this hobby…

If the kit instructions don’t give a range, go by the range for whatever yeast you are using.

[quote=“Rookie L A”]

If the kit instructions don’t give a range, go by the lowest temp of the range for whatever yeast you are using.[/quote]


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