Storm the bastille

yes the fermenting came to a stop all done
few more days before transfering to the keg
it did start with a og of 1.088 .took a reading this morning a 1.018
needs to come down to 1.015 1.010 acl reading a whooping 9.1 %
think not so much drinking big glasses of the beer

You could leave the beer in the primary for a while longer. This will allow excess yeast and sediment to drop out for clearer beer going into the keg.

Ifn you can, leave this one sit very quietly for a longer time than usual, and do try not to let it heat up. I think you said that yer brew area gits about 85 during the afternoon…. swamp cooler to help keep it down… check on it every week and taste yer sample. Once the hops and alcohol soften you’ll be ready…. Oh yes you can put it in the keg to lager it (aging) Sneezles61

thanks for the info will take a other reading monday should come down avb wise a bit more .did took sample yesterday once ready this should be intresting