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Storing Fermenter

Hey everyone, I’m new to brewing and I brewed my first batch last night. I decided to store the fermenter in the corner of my bedroom (I live in a small one bedroom apartment and that area has the best temperature for storing. I’m wondering though, is this ok? Will it stink up the room? Should I not be breathing it in? Sorry if these are dumb questions


I store my carboy in the corner of my room, and it does great there. I wrap it in a towel or put a t-shirt over it so that light doesn’t enter. The bubbling might keep you up at night, or put you to sleep! Shouldn’t smell, I think that’s a great place for it.

  • Jeff

Temperature of the fermenting wort is the most important consideration.

There is nothing dangerous. The amount of CO2 produced is minimal, and not as much as you produce breathing. There should be little to no smell if things go as planned. If you get a blowoff you will get a yeasty worty smell. Not something you probably want in your bedroom, but it isn’t going to be nauseating.

I tried this the first time, but the blorp-blorp of the airlock was too much.

I sleep worse worrying if my fermentation started. That blurpping is just a brewers lullaby. Sleep well

I sleep better too when I can hear the bubbles.

a friend of mine once, more as a joke than anything, moved his baby camera monitor security device (the 'baby was grown and older) to the basement so that he could log on at work and watch the bubble progression

the air lock in the bucket is a nice sound, but the blub blub blub of a blowoff tube stuck in a 1/2 gallon of water is the best.

I have two fermentors going now one with a blow off tube for the bass the other is an air lock supplies the rythem. I think lll try the baby monitor for volume.

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