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Storing Bulk Hops

Those of you who jump on the bulk hop frenzy at harvest, do you break the bulk pack down into small portions before freezing or store them in bulk?

I spent a long time yesterday breaking down 5 pounds of hops into 1-2 oz. portions in vacuum sealed bags and just placed another order. I’m starting to second guess whether it’s worth the effort to break them down, but it seems like storing in bulk could be a pain when the time comes to use them.

By the way, my orders are all leaf hops.

On the first order I had I broken it down into small portions like you did. the next time I ordered bulk hops I seal them in a vacuum bag larger than I needed. When you need to use them, you can just cut off the sealed portions and reseal the bag when you’re done.

I transfer to mason jars and seal with my vacuum sealer.

I put pellets in mason jars. With out vacuum sealing. They keep well this way. No O2 transfer except when you open the jar.

You can do it with leaf also. But it will take more jars.

When I order a pound, I usually break out 3-4 batches of either 1 oz or 2 oz. the rest I leave bulk.



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Same method I use.

Same method I use.[/quote]
OK. I’m convinced. I’ll give this a try when my next order arrives. I think this method also has a couple other benefits. Probably less exposure to oxygen when stored in bulk. Can also formulate recipes with more flexibility, because you don’t have to use 1 oz increments.

Thanks guys.

Edit: another advantage is, you save money by using far fewer vacuum seal bags.

I like using various size mason jars because they are infinately re-useable. I have half gallon down to half pint. Grease pencil notes contents. I use bags too, they will save space sometimes.


+1 to “this”

The guys over at have really nice coffee bags with 1 way vacuum locks on em. I throw em in one of these, take out what I need, when I need it, and then just close it back up and press the air out. I think I paid about $1.00 per bag, and they are totally reusable as well.

Am I the only one who after reading the subject went to Hops Direct website to see if the 2012 pellets were ready?

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