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Storing a yeast starter

I made a yeast starter with Wyeast 1968 and I think it finished a little earlier than I expected. If I don’t have time to brew today could I keep it in the fridge until tomorrow and still have it be viable?

yes, from what I have read. I plan to make a starter, cold crash for a few days, make beer, pour liquid off of yeast, pitch into beer. If I’m wrong
someone tell me to “shut the hell up”.

Yep, your fine.

Yep. I would allow it to come up to ferment temp and pour off the spent beer prior to pitching.

Though I don’t think it’s best to wait too long, once my brewing was delayed by almost two weeks and my starter worked perfectly fine. As suggested, I let it warm to up to the correct temp and decanted off most of the liquid.

Some of us make a beer, leaving it in the fermenter for 3-4 weeks. Siphon off the beer and pour new wort on top of the yeast cake.

Leaving your starter at room temp for a couple of days past fermentation will not hurt the yeast.

Chilling it for a couple of days will aid in the suspended yeast dropping to the bottom of the container.

Bringing it up to room temp before adding to the wort is not necessary either.

Bringing up to room temp will usually rouse the yeast, which defeats the purpose of cold crashing.

According to a paper I read, starting to chill it with fermentables still around encourages the yeast to stock up on glycogen and trehalose for a good start at pitch. Definitely nothing wrong with chilling a day or two (or more) before.

I always dump the wort while it’s as cold as possible. If you plan it right, you can add some sterile wort back on the top (small volume) and let it wake up and really be flying at pitch.

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