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Storing A 3 Gallon BITB Kit

Due to things beyond our control & the holiday this week my son and I won’t be able to get together and brew our first BITB kit. It looks like next weekend will be the earliest we will be able to get together. So my question is. What is the best way to store this kit until next weekend? I was thinking about putting the grains in the freezer, but I don’t know for sure. I figure my best thing to do is ask all of you great people for help. I was going to go a head and do it today but the rain has settled into southern Illinois this morning and they are saying we are going to have thunderstorms this afternoon. Typical weather for the last day of the first half of the shotgun deer season. My wife doesn’t care for the aroma it ads to her house, so I’m not going to aggravate her by brewing in the kitchen. She is not a beer person, in the 48 years we have been married I could count the beers she has drank on one hand and I wouldn’t need all 5 of my fingers to count them. I would appreciate every body’s suggestions.


A week is a very short time to store crushed grains. Keep the grains in a coolish, dry place and they will be okay.

+1 don’t freeze the grain. Just keep it in a plastic bag and it will be fine.

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