Storing 1 gal kits

Hey, everyone,

So, I just bought three new 1 gal kits in an attempt to save on shipping. Since I only have the 1 gal starter kit, and it only has one carboy, I won’t be able to brew all of these kits at once. I’m going to brew one tomorrow, but does anyone foresee a problem with me just throwing the other two kits into the fridge for a month?

I suppose if it doesn’t work out I’ll just get another carboy and go from there.

If some of the kits have crushed grain for steeping you should brew them first. Kits that are just malt extract will keep in the fridge for several months.

I’ve ordered 4 crushed AG kits in the past. Stored them in the fridge for close to 6 months. I did brew the lighter ones 1st. With the last beer being a porter.

I got the Black IPA, Caribou Slobber, and White House Honey Ale. From a quick glance in the boxes, all of them have specialty steeping grains. I don’t have a particular order in mind, though I was going to start lightest to darkest.