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Is there a way I can extend the shelf life of my homebrew? Like pasturization maybe? How would I do it?

Cold storage. How long do you want to keep it for? You can also use oxygen absorbing caps or seal bottles with wax to keep oxygen out.

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One of the (many) great things about brewing your own beer is knowing it’s been handled properly from start to finish. It hasn’t been sitting in a warm warehouse or truck. Beer tastes great when it’s fresh. Mike

I had been wondering about storage lately. I know you have to store your beer in temps 65-70 for it to carbonate. How long are people letting their bottles sit at this temp before they lower the temp for remainder of storage and conditioning?

I don’t know about pasteurization but I agree with cold storage. A cold dark corner in the basement works well. I have a room that stays 40-45* in the winter and 55-60* in the summer completely sealed off from the rest of the basement and it seems to work well. I have a few beers that are 1+ years old and some 6 months and they seems to hold up well for me.

I just had a beer that was 1 year old. I stored it in total darkness in my basement (av around 65*). and it was amazing!

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