Storage Question

Well, my Irish Stout has been conditioning in the bottle for three weeks. Mighty tasty by the way. My question is…

Can I just store it in the garage without worrying about the temperature? I live in the South West and the temps are rising. Not much room in the house so I was wondering about the garage. Problem is, it can get into the 90’s inside in the summer. I figure the warehouses most commercial beers are stored in are not temperature controlled.

What are your thoughts?



High temps will result in your beer aging more rapidly than it would at more normal temperatures. I’d recommend finding a spot inside your house.

Darn. I was afraid someone was gonna say that.

Or I could just drink it faster. :smiley:



Put your beer in a tubs of water, cover with towels or cotton blankets to wick water, add a fan. This is called a swamp cooler. Originated in the Southwest for natural air conditioning of houses.

Invite your friends and throw a BBQ! No worries!
I just bought a small chest freezer and added the Johnson external temperature controller. I just hooked it up this morning. I was keeping my beer glasses froze so I had to let the inside warm up. It seems to be holding my fermenting test temp. At 61 degrees. That may be a way to go for your beer. Freezer cost $180 on sale at Sears and takes little room.

Wow, I hadn’t thought of the swamp cooler idea. That is a possibility.

As far as the small chest freezer and the Johnson Controller, that’s what I am using now for my fermenter. I have the poles reversed with a desk lamp plugged in to keep my fermenter warm enough. I guess I could buy another one. And the big BBQ is a good idea but then I’m outta beer.

Thanks guys,