Storage in the keg

I have an oatmeal stout carbonating in the keg right now. I expect it to be done in another week. when that is done, can I take it out of the freezer and disconnect the gas and set it aside while I pu my next brew in the freezer. Or do I need to keep gas on it? I assume that the keg will hold the pressure indefinitely. Am I wrong? I want to let it sit carbonated for a while before drinking it because I always find that near the end of the keg I like the taste better. So I guess a few weeks of aging is good. So I plan to take the keg out and let it sit at room temp for 3 weeks in the keg, carbonated, but no gas on it. Then start drinking it.

That’ll be fine. I often leave kegs out like that and currently have a coffee stout that I pulled out in the spring that I’ll put back on when it gets chilly and I’m in the mood again.

Cool, thanks!

Again, I do advocate fer the cask conditioning of some brews. Just like it happened many years ago, naturally in the wooden kegs! Just roll it around once in a while, it may surprize you how good it is! Sneezles61 :blah:

Why do you roll it around. Are adding sugar or kegging it before it finishes fermenting?

Rolling the keg gets the yeast back into the solution…. Seems that I read while the the keg was being cellared, the person watching it was to roll it many times and sample it, and once they determined it was of good taste then it was brought out for people to consume…I lay mine on its side too… Sneezles61