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Stopper in carboy

My buddy (actually my buddy, not me avoiding ridicule) somehow got a rubber stopper stuck in a carboy and asked me for advice on how to get it out. I told him to smash the carboy with a hammer, but he found little humor in my suggestion. Ideas?

Bent coat hanger and a good amount of lube in the carboy neck.

BTW, I have never had this issue either.

You could try something like this:

Did the same thing once in my early days. If you have a carboy brush it’s easy to get out. Get the inside neck of the carboy wet, maybe use some dish soap if you feel confident about getting it all clean out afterwards. Stick the carboy brush in side tip the carboy upside down so the stopper goes to the neck and pull the brush up so the stopper is between the brush and the opening of the carboy and pull the brush out.
Use caution as the neck of the carboy could break from the pressure

I’ve used a loop of string. It takes some patience to get it in the right position. You want to be careful with metal objects, like a butter knife. They can scratch up the neck. I would also suggest universal bungs. You can’t accidentally push them in.

+1 coat hanger + Petrol-gel or other lube in the neck. you might spear the bung but it will come out, this is why i gave away my carboy and went back to buckets

+1 for the coat hanger. I’ve never used it for a stopper, but it works really well for for getting racking tubing out.

Thanks, Fellas.
My buddy cut it up with a filet knife before I could get him this info.

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