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Stopped in the middle

I’m having to stop brewing unexpectedly. I have just finished sparging and I won’t be able to boil for about an hour. Concerns?

That shouldn’t be a problem.

My concern would be that the enzymes will continue to work over that time period. Not the end of the world, but your beer could end up a little dryer than you were expecting.

Even then, it is only one hour, so the effects there should not be too drastic.

I certainly would not worry about it.

Thanks for the quick responses. I’m not too worried but I wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something. I am a little concerned about it being dry but that’ll be ok.


Keep in mind that commercial breweries would take much longer to sparge and transfer wort to a boiler compared to homebrewers. This is why a mashout would be needed in that case and not so much at home.

Did you happen to do a mashout? If so it should have stopped enzyme action. If not…whatever, it’ll be fine.

What type of beer anyway?

I didn’t specifically do a mash out. But I did batch sparge at around 170 so that should help.

I brewed a stout which I’ll split and add coffee to half. Not a great brew day. My efficiency was around 60%. I didn’t remember that my brother borrow a part off one of my pots so I had to improvise. And a had a slight boil I over. But at least I have ten gallons of dark goodness fermenting.

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