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Stone Sues Big Beer

Here is the explanation on the reasoning behind the suit, seems pretty cut and dry to me. What won’t they stoop to next? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I hope Stone crushes them in court.


They will change the can probably never go to court that’s how it works

Wouldn’t it just be great if they had their own name? K’stone is flirting with infringement… Geez, get a life of their own… flabby, cheap, swill… :confounded: Sneezles61
Maybe they should get sued for a couple of billion dollars… Perhaps they’d get the point…

Keystone lite does anyone actually drink that? I guess they must it’s been around awhile.

Oh ya… “dirty 30” lots of college guys drink it

I like that it’s finally going the other way. Usually you see this with the big beer suing as they own rights to almost everything and image.

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Any other company would do the same, brewing related or not. Three Hearted ale comes to mind though. You wouldn’t think any Stone brewing fan would be swayed much by the fizzy yellow Keystone crap.

Growing up in a relatively small town, I knew of “Stones” before I knew there was a brewery named Stone.


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Interesting. In Athens Ohio while in college we never shortened it or “slanged” it. It was Keystone…probably because we’re a hop skip and jump from Pennsylvania, the Keystone state…We preferred Schaefer and Iron city, even cheaper.

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