Just scored a freezer on Craigslist for $75. It’s 14 cubic ft and in decent shape. Best part…it was only 3 blocks away from my new house. Looks like I’ll have a new project this winter (once I get the new house fixed up!

Good score!

Get your priorities straight! :cheers:

Nice! I got the same deal - $75 in decent condition. Just don’t drill holes in it to mount drip trays like this idiot (me) did. Needless to say, I should have just flushed my money down the toilet. :cheers:

Sounds allot like the deal that I got on mine.

Good score, I ended up buying one because all the ones on CL were rusted out wrecks being sold by people that seem to think they are worth a whole lot more.

Saw a 7 cu/ft freezer on clearance at Home Depot yesterday for $125…not super cheap, but it’s brand new. Might be worth checking your local store!