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Stockpot vs. Megapot

I have brewed a few times with the stockpot and would like to upgrade some equipment. Was wondering what the difference a megapot would make.

It will last a lifetime. I started with an 8.5 for 5 gallon extract batches. Bought a 15.5 and wish I’d have bought that size first so I had two.

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After owning some magapot they are great brewing kettles. Last a lifetime. Without a problem. I down sized my equipment because ofa divorce and sold mine. Then I got Ssbrew tech and would never go back to a magapot. The trubdam that come with it works amazing. Also they are cheap and easy to upgrade. Another thing I love is you can use them on a induction hot plate or on your burner

I have a 10 gallon SSBrewtech, I like it but have only used it once so far on my first all grain.
I see the remark about the trub dam…do you drain from the bottom into your fermentor? I only do 5 gal batches so it’s not too bad to lift and pour. But maybe if it drained from the bottom maybe through a strainer it would be easier…


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Yes I drain from the bottom. I do a whirlpool then let it settle for for 10 minutes open the valve and into my carboy. I was really surprised by the turb dam leaving behind most of the turb and getting pretty clear wort. I would say it leaves about 90% of it behind

I started with an economy kettle. It worked just fine. Then I put a port in it so I could add a valve… Well, then came the keggles… They worked fine too. Now I have a Spike, purposely built for my set up… 20 gallon… I won’t look back… Sneezles61

Well I guess the bigger question is if I decide to do all grain recipes will the stockpot be good enough cause it seems like the megapot is used for both extract and all grain. Does it make a difference if I use the stockpot for all-grain or better to use the megapot?

Not sure what size stock pot you have. If it’s big enough for your needs continue to use it. When I started brewing back in 99 that’s what I used think was 9 gallon ceramic coated stock pot. Used it till little pieces chipped off and worried about the rust. I recommend that if your doing 5 gallon batches that your brew pot be at least 10 gallon that way you don’t have to worry about boil overs


I agree with WMNoob on this one

I did exactly the same thing

Do yourself a favor and purchase the 15Gal


Converted Sanke kegs work nicely for a kettle. If you can cut the top and either have a spigot welded or make a no-weld they can be inexpensive. I did a few and used frying pan lids from garage sales then cut tthe top to fit them. For the spigot standard copper pipe threaded fittings and gobs of Teflon tape.

They should be obtained legally. The deposit on one does not cover the cost so let your conscience be your guide.

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