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Stocking my water treatment pantry

I’ve just finished brewing my last extract kit, and am currently making my short list of necessary items to do BIAB. Probably going to start with three gallon batches, as the five gallon batches I’ve been doing produce much more beer than I can drink within a reasonable amount of time.

I just need some recommendations on water treatment. I plan on using distilled water, and the styles I will brew most are porters/stouts, sours, and wheat beers (hefes especially). What minerals/salts should I always have on hand? As time allows, I plan on learning to use brunwater, and hopefully my tap water, as it tastes pretty good. But for now, just getting the pantry stocked.

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Needed: Gypsum, CaCl, Chalk (CaCO3)
Also helpful: Epsom Salt, Salt

I’d ditch the chalk as it does not dissolve well. Pick up some pickling lime and baking soda. Also 88% lactic acid.

What Wahoo said, with Hades corrections is about all I do. The fact that you are starting with distilled water makes using lactic acid very much OK since you won’t need to add much.

Thanks for the expert help, guys.



Make sure the table salt you use is un-iodized. That will severely inhibit yeast in the wort.

I also recommend that and use non-iodized salt in brewing. But I have to admit that even if we used iodized salt, the amount of iodine added to the wort would likely be teeny. I have not researched the level at which iodine is toxic or inhibitive to yeast.

In the absence of that data, I still recommend that brewers go to the store and buy a container on non-iodized salt for use in the brewery. It’s cheap.

Non-iodized salt is also sold as “pickling salt”. :cheers:

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