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Stock Pot Selection

I have made the step up from 1 gallon brewing to 5 gallon brewing. My current stainless steel stock pot is too small to boil 5 gallon batches,however we have a 6 gallon porcelain over steel stock pot. Can this porcelain over steel stock pot be used to boil batches of beer?

It could but you will be tight. You will generally be boiling 6 gallons or a bit more for your 5 gallon batches when you lose about 1 gallon an hour to boiling loss. I have a 7.5 turkey fryer pot from amazon. I would like bigger but its very serviceable for 5 gallons.

Boil 4.5-5g of wort. End with Close to 4. Add cold water to fermenter to top up to 5 gallons. No problems at all.

Just be careful as usual to not chip the porcelain.

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