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Stir Plates

Since you guys did a bang up job recommending a PH Meter for me, I’d like to ask what kind of stir plates you recommend as well? I’m currently using half gallon jugs instead of flasks (I’ve broken 3 flasks already for various reasons) and I was hoping to find a stir plate that could accomidate my starter jugs. I’d rather spend a few bucks more to buy a quality stir plate if it’s worth it.

Any thoughts?

Happy New Year to all and thanks again for all of the fantastic advice!

Are you looking for something off the shelf, or are you going to make one? You may have trouble using a commercial one with the convex-bottomed jugs. … stirplate/

+1 to building one. If you are the least bit handy they can be a fun project.

Thanks guys, but I’ll spend the money to not have to deal with electrical in any, way, shape or form.

So you’re thinking I need to go to a flask? If so, any thoughts on quality stir plates?

I agree +1 on building one. It is much cheaper and easy too. Many sites out there to teach you how to build one. I built a dual stir plate using a wooden box, two computer fans, two magnets, wire and rheostat. Full blown MacGyver build. posting.php?mode=reply&f=5&t=106995#

I’ve heard good things about

. It’s the same basic design as the writeup I posted.

[quote=“a10t2”]I’ve heard good things about

. It’s the same basic design as the writeup I posted.[/quote]

I have one of these. Works great and was reasonably priced.

Purchased…exactly what I was looking for guys. Thanks again.

Check back in once you figure out if it will work with the glass jug.

I have tried and haven’t been able to make it work for prolonged periods. I would be interested if others have made it work.

Follow up. Stir plate works fantastic and I’m very happy that I went this route. However, as many have said previously, you’ll need a flask as the convex bottom of a half gallon jug won’t allow the stir bar to move. It was worth a try.

did you use a stirbar with a raised middle region?

I don’t want to spent money on a flask. I’m seriously considering heating up metal and attempting to press down the middle of a 1 gal jug

I have a 1 gallon glass cookie jar from Wal-Mart. It has a flat bottom and works great!

Others have reported in the past to using flower vases from Walmart.

Sometimes you have to walk around a store and say “how can I use this in my brewery?”

I’ve read stickers on decorative vases that note they contained lead, and are not for food. Anyone else heard that?

Like a lot of my equipment that I have made, my homemade stirplate looks reallllly ugly. But it works. I took the fan from an old computer, I think it was a HP. It was mounted in a separate case, that also housed the power supply for the computer. I took everything out but the fan, and kept the case as a stand. I used 3/4 pieces of tubing to act as spacers to drop the fan down low enough that the magnet I placed on top would clear the bottom of the flask. I went to Radio Shack and bought a cheap variable speed control switch (rheostat ?) and found an old power converter from a CD player or something 9-12 volts. I wired it up and it works just fine. The stir bars I bought through eBay. under $50 shipped

I bought 3 different size stirbars on e-bay a few years ago. The only one I could get to work was the 1" octagon banded, in the 1 gal glass jug I use for starters. The other two sizes were smaller and would just spin off. I like the 1 gal jug, have made starters from 1qt up to 3 qt step starters and ran it on the stirplate for up to 3 days with no problems.I might mention it’s a homemade plate made with a project box and rheostat from Radio Shack. To those having trouble you might try a larger stirbar.

Oooooooh, Lumpster - what kind of cookie jar? Compelling idea, so I must inquire: how do you put an airlock on it?

I dont think most folks use airlocks on starters from what I understand. By putting an airlock on it you are cutting off the oxygen supply for the yeast.

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