Stir bar noise

Recently obtained a stir plate which came with a 1" stir bar. Love the stir plate - its quiet, seems to have enough strength to handle my 2L starters, etc. Only problem - the bar is loud when stirring. Incredibly loud. Woke the wife up loud. What can I do to remedy this? I see our host has a larger bar with a ring on it. Will this help out (the product has very mixed reviews)? Using in conjunction with a 2L flask.

Easy. Move it away from your wife.

I got the best results with the stir bar that came with the stir plate. I did buy the one with the ring and it rattled alot more than the 1" bar. It may seem obvious, but getting the flask centered seems to eliminate much of the noise for me.

Love that sound puts me to sleep.

Rule of thumb the stir bar should be 1/3 the length of the diameter of the flask Example 6 inch dia flask use a 2 inch stir bar I prefer the one with a ring.