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Stinky Merlot

I bought a Merlot wine kit Spring 2013. I finally got around to making it. It has had an off aroma ever since I poured it into primary. Did I wait too long?

The smell is hard to put my finger on, kind of asparagus-like.

Unless you stored the kit in extremely poor conditions, its quality will not have deteriorated all that much sonce last spring.

What color was the must (did it have a brownish tint at all?)

From my experience, a lot of red wine musts have aromas at the outset that you would not associate with wine - though asparagus tends to be associated with white wine, so not sure there.

Which exact kit are we talking about?

Winexpert™ Vintners Reserve Merlot Kit. The smell isn’t exactly asparagus, though. The color is good (reddish to purple). I tasted a few drops that were perfectly fine, if I can judge by a few drops.

What do the stems and leaves smell like when crushed? Could that be it?

Does not sound like a huge problem. Has it been fermenting out properly?

Did you follow all the instructions (ie what packages to add at which steps?)

If so, I think you are fine.

The primary ferment was vigorous and persisted for about a week as indicated in the instructions. The wine is in secondary, but I didn’t get a second refractometer reading. The initial gravity was about 1.087. Secondary ends next Wednesday. I plan on degassing by hand pump (VacuVin). I have been degassing some every day because I had to fit the cap and VacuVin cork on top instead of an airlock. You see, all three stoppers fell into the wine. The store assured me it was the correct size for 6 gal, but IDK, I must have an oversized carboy.

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