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Still fermenting

Hi. Still pretty new to this and doing a Big Honkin’ Stout for the first time (4th extract batch overall). Bottom line - 8 days after pitching Wyeast 1332 Northwest Ale I still have a pretty active fermentation going … a bubble every couple seconds. The rest of the story: Did a starter for the yeast. Been fermenting at 69-70 deg consistently. Had to go to a blowoff hose within 24 hours. Just now back to an airlock. Krausen not yet receded - still a couple inches high. Smells fine. Just didn’t expect this much activity for this long. Is this how a high gravity stout normally behaves? Plan is to leave it in the primary for 4 weeks either way. Thanks in advance.

Yes, you will find that yeast can remain active for a couple weeks or longer, depending on many factors. The yeast will tell you when it is done - check with a hydrometer when airlock activity subsides, but realize that airlock activity can go from active fermentation to release of CO2 from solution and look very similar.

a big beer like what you have will on the most part ferment for 14 days or more. let the yeast go at it. I have had them go for 25 days before the air lock stopped. after the air lock stops check the grav then wait 2 more days and check it again. if its the same you can bottle. enjoy. 4 weeks is a good estimate and in that time the yeast will do a lot of clean up even with no air lock activity.

Very helpful. Thanks folks.

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