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Sterile water

So I was thinking about water used for Fast Pitch. I didn’t boil the added water last time and didn’t have an issue. However I would feel better if I was to boil it first but this negates the time saving of Fast Pitch.

Is it possible to can sterile water in a mason jar? I don’t want to boil water and just put the lid on as it cools. Figuring if I could can the water the jar itself would be good as well.

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Just buy a bottle of water

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This works just add.water. me curius now about fast pitch did ask my sister to bring. 2 cans. Next week. Gonna try it.

If your going to those lengths, why not try the Experimental brewing method of canning a bunch of wort then… Episode 49. Sneezles61

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I save some final runnings in a Tupperware and freeze it for starters. When I first saw that fast pitch stuff I thought who would buy that.

Yeah I’ll just use distilled water and go with that.

I suspect you won’t do much harm to the yeast with distilled water… hoping its not much your adding… In the yeast book, distilled/RO water used for making your starter will harm the yeast… It seems the water can disrupt the yeast walls and causing it to not bud… reproduce… Sneezles61

I figured it was a non issue since I wasn’t rehydrating dry yeast. I’m diluting the canned wort. Thought it was because of lack of minerals but the extract should have minerals from the mash during extract making process.

I’ll have to reference the yeast book and check it out though.

You don’t have to boil water to pasteurize it. 160F for a few minutes is enough. I have topped off my fermenters with tap water for years without an issue.

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That’s what I do. I figure if my tap water is coming out with something bad I’ve got bigger problems than an infected beer

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Yes. If it makes you feel better, remove the aerator and sanitize it first if the faucet has one.

I might have been over thinking. I always used bottle water to top off extract without issues. I was thinking in terms of growing yeast I wanted to putting my best foot forward that’s all.

I asked one of the yeast manufacturers about this. They said if you’re on municipal tap water, it should be clean enough to use without boiling.

If I was on municipal water I would use bottled

Fair enough.

I think the point they were trying to make is, there’s typically enough chlorine and/or other disinfectants in there for the water to be clean enough to use without boiling in yeast starters.

I’m fortunate enough to live in a city with good water, so I don’t bother with boiling.

Your yeast book has a section devoted to this too… I borrowed bits and pieces for my way of doing things… I think now I’ll follow Denny and Drew with the yeast starter wort… Put the two together and… Shazaam! Winner! Sneezles61

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I think you’re confusing this with rehydrating the yeast. Mineral profiles are set in extract by the manufacturer. Therefore adding distilled water to fast pitch shouldn’t affect yeast health.

The use of distilled water/RO and DME/LME is not a good choice for a starter… BUT, what Mr. Hall is doing is diluting fast pitch with distilled… As I say, its probably not enough to harm the yeast… Sneezles61

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