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Step-Up (2-Step) Starters

Hey guys-

Getting ready to brew the Black IPA (5 gal. extract). OG is 1.075 and I was wondering at what gravity do you need to start worrying about doing a 2-Step starter (Step-Up starter)?

The highest gravity I’ve done so far was the Ace of Spades (1.068) and I just made a normal starter for that.

The only good way to find out is by getting some advice from a pitch rate/starter calculator. ... alculator/

Normal starters don’t take into account the viability of the yeast that will be used or the estimated OG of the beer being brewed.

It depends on a lot of things including the viability of the yeast, the size of your starter, and the method of which you agitate the starter. Use the calcs that flars linked and that will allow you to enter up to 3 steps and will tell you at which step you hit your desired pitch count.

Didn’t realize yeast lost that much viability that soon.

I’m curious what’s more beneficial: making a 1L starter and pitching that into another 1L of wort or making a 2L starter? I only have a 1L flask.

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