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Steeping grains with American Wheat


New to extract brewing, and had a question regarding grain steeping in the American Wheat.

Are there certain types of grains that will just not pair well with the American Wheat? Or is it okay to pretty much steep any grain(s) I wish with the beer?

I know certain types of grains must be mashed, I’m just talking about the ones that can be steeped. I really would like to steep some grains with the extract, however, I don’t want to steep one that will negatively affect the taste of the beer.

Any suggestions on which grains to use?


Are you trying to add a particular flavor or just experimenting to see what various grains will add to the basic recipe?

An American wheat will certainly let any added grains show up. Here’s a link to a very basic summary of the most commonly used grains.

Here’s a link to John Palmer’s “How to Brew”. It’s an excellent (free) introduction to brewing. You can get a more up-to-date printed version.

(How about that? I remembered to actually insert the links! Both of them!)

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