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Steeping grains question

I brewed the NB Patersbier kit and I’m confronted with questions. I got little to no color, aroma, or body from the grains when I steeped them. A week later and my mind is replaying my procedure and I’m wondering if I even had them ground. Duh! The OG was .03 below the target but I never made the connection. Is this batch ruined? My plan is to let it run it’s course, but how much does the steeping really add to the finished beer?

Can you confirm the OG was .003 below target and not .030 below?

It looks like the only grain the kit uses is 1/2 lb of carapils. Assuming you’re .003 low(and not .030) on your gravity that would make sense, the 1/2 lb should contribute approximately 3-4 gravity points to a 5 gallon batch. The carapils is there to add body to the beer, you won’t really be missing much as far as flavor/aroma/color, the beer may seem a bit thinner than it would otherwise since it will be missing those unfermentable sugars, but not really a big deal.

OG target was 1.047 Mine was 1.044. I usually hit the target dead on, I’m assuming by luck, because when ever I think I know what I’m doing I’ll have a boil over, a blow off, or have a syphon hose come out of a bucket while I’m not tending it and lose a Gallon on the basement floor. I’ve just never had the steeping grains do nothing. Thanks for the input. I’ll just rename it Lite Patersbier for my friends. Side note does anybody else yell at the TV when the Miller Lite commercial comes on touting their Gold medal beer. By my count there are 135 seperate catagories and sub catagories and the only other beers in that catagory would be commercial mega brewer light Pilsners. Thanks again my rant is done.

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