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Steel cut oats

Going to add 2c of quaker steel cut oats to my steeping bag for the NB Cream Ale this weekend. What can one expect adding oats to the cream ale kit?

I think you will need to mash them or cook them first. If you would rather not go that route try instant or quick oats as the cooking has essentially been done.

Oats add a smooth taste that goes well in Stouts. I never thought of using them in a cram ale but it sounds good. Let us know how it turns out.

I use them in my NEIPA works great. Cream ale is supposed to be light and fizzy so depends what your going for

Unfortunately adding steel-cut oats to an extract kit (I assume this is since you have steeping grains?) is going to just leave you with a starchy, hazy mess. Oats need to be converted, which means you’ll need to mash them with some base malt. Not a big deal, it can be done as a partial mash with some 2- or 6-row malt. Easiest to do with instant or rolled oats, since they’re pre-cooked, but you’ll have to gelatinize the starch (ie, cook) in the raw oats before they can be extracted from the grain.


Just to clarify I’ve never used steal cut just old fashioned and mash them. Thanks for clarifying @porkchop

Appreciate the help! Instant oats, check.

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